Geschützt: Yolita Eggeler

Dr. Yolita Eggeler

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Chair of Micro- and Nanostructure Research

Raum: Raum 00.006 Containergebäude
Cauerstr. 6a
91058 Erlangen
  • About myself

I am a PhD candidate working in the project of Collaborative Research Centre on Superalloys Single Crystal (SFB/TR 103): From Atoms to Turbine Blades – A Scientific Basis for a New-Generation of Single Crystal Superalloys. My PhD Thesis focuses on the formation processes of planar faults in Co- and Ni-base single crystal superalloys upon creep. I have applied different advanced electron and electron diffraction microscopy methods and contributed to a better understanding of material behaviour linking the structure-properties relationship bridging atomic, over nano to macroscopic scale. I am author/co-author of several publications in this field, which appeared in Acta Materialia in 2014-2018.

Another focus of my PhD Thesis involves to explore the potential of modern chip based in situ heating holders and develops a new approach for the characterisation of diffusion phenomena in multicomponent alloys on the nano- to micrometer scale.

I am experienced with state-of-the-art microscopy techniques and their application to my research. For three years, I was responsible for one of the TEM instruments in our user facility, the 300 kV CM30 from FEI. I have provided hands on training for users, helped others to apply the instrument to their research tasks and teaches TEM specific lab courses to students.

I even initiated my own research sub group (known as the hot YME-team), along the years of PhD, when I have supervised several bachelor/master student. The team have generated exciting research output, which was recognized on international level: one of my supervised master student (C. Hell) had won the best poster/presentation prize in MC2017.

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