FEI Titan Themis 300


User regulations of electron microscopes and XRM facilities (German only)

  • Emitter X-FEG
  • High tension: 60-300 kV
  • Monochromator, energy resolution 0.2 eV
  • Cs probe corrector (CEOS, DCOR)
  • Image-side Cs corrector (CEOS, CESCOR)
  • Gatan imaging filter (GIF Quantum)
  • HAADF detector for Z-contrast (Fishione)
  • ADF/ABF/BF detectors (FEI)
  • Videocamera (Flucam)
  • 4k CMOS camera (Ceta 16M)
  • High-efficiency Super-X detector (EDX)
  • Tomography sample holder and software
  • Special TEM holders (see here)