Dr. Mingjian Wu

Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Chair of Micro- and Nanostructure Research

Room: Room 01.242
Cauerstraße 6
91058 Erlangen
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I studied Materials Science and obtained Bachelor (2007) and Master (2009) degrees in Hunan University, Changsha, China. At the end of 2009, I moved to Berlin, Germany and worked at Paul-Drude-Institute for solid state electronics with Dr. Achim Trampert on the topic of structural investigation of nano-clustering in III-V semiconductors. With top honor grade “summa cum laude”, I obtained doctor degree (Dr. rer. nat.) in Humboldt Universitaet zu Berlin in 2014. I was candidate of Marie-Curie individual fellow (2015) at Tampere University of Technology (with Prof. Dr. Mircea Guina) in Finland. I joined the institute micro- and nanostructure research & center for nanoanalysis and electron microscopy (Prof. Dr. Erdmann Spiecker) in mid-2015.

My research interest lies at interfaces of functional nano materials and the relationship to their properties. With about 10 years experience in development and application of advanced and in situ microscopy techniques, and work closely together with other scientists (in fields including growth/synthesis, spectroscopy/scattering and theory), I offer comprehensive expertise in micro- and nano-analytics in the field of materials science and nanotechnology. These include:
+ phase contrast electron microscopy techniques
+ high-resolution imaging and spectroscopy of nano-structured materials and devices
+ diffraction-based methods, 4D-STEM and big data analysis routines
+ in situ electron microscopy techniques
+ extended defects in nano-structured semiconductors, metals and thin films
+ nano-particulate systems, nano-alloys and intermetallics
+ beam-sensitive organic/inorganic materials for photovoltaic and optoelectronics

I am currently senior scientist in the institute, responsible for
+ scientific supervisor in various projects offering expertise in cutting-edge electron microscopy/spectroscopy
+ facility supervisor/manager of the double Cs-corrected, monochromated Titan Themis3 TEM and Fishione Type 1040 NanoMill.

Besides, I also hold teaching obligation in the following curricular
+ Electron Microscopy I (Master course; at winter semesters, responsible for exercises: 2 ECTS)
+ Electron Microscopy II (at summer semesters, responsible for lecture & exercise: 5 ECTS total)
+ Lab course of Nanotechnology (Master level lab course at winter semesters: 2 ECTS)

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