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Sarfraz Ahmad

    Master student of MAP excellence study course and Undergraduate Research Assistant
    TEM sample preparation and structural analysis of cobalt-base superalloys
    10/2010 - 02/2012

    Dr. -Ing. Benjamin Apeleo Zubiri

      Geb. Winter
      PhD Student 2009-2016

      Dr. Ana María Beltrán

        Scientific Assistant
        Electron Tomography of Pourous Materials

        Dr. Balaji Birajdar

        Scientific Assistant
        Aberration-corrected HRTEM of incommensurable interfaces
        2009 - 07/2013

        Nadine Buchinger

          Hiwi 2017

          Benjamin Butz

            Professor in Uni-Siegen

            Teresa Büttner

              Bachelor student (Nanoscience and Technology)

              Christel Dieker

              Technician 2010-2016

              Alexandra Grigore

                Miniproject of MAP excellence study course
                Influence of different surface treatments on the microstructure of veneered Zirconia (Y-TZP) for dental applications
                03/2010 - 04/2011

                Ralph Harti

                  Bachelor student (Nanoscience and Technology)
                  Determination of crystal polarity by CBED: Characterization of voids in GaAs and CIS

                  Yoones Kabiri

                    Master student
                    Master thesis: In situ nanomechanical testing of MAX phases
                    MAP Miniproject: TEM tomography of porous materials

                    Michael Knetzger

                      Diploma student
                      Defect characterization of Galliumnitride by TEM
                      11/2010 - 09/2011

                      Dr. Isabel Knoke

                        Scientific Assistant
                        TEM investigation of CIGS thin film solar cells

                        Simon Kraschewski

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                          Andreas Mittelberger

                            Master Student
                            Master thesis: Topography mapping of graphene

                            Andrea Müller


                              Dr.-Ing. Julian Müller

                              • Address:
                                Cauerstraße 6
                                91058 Erlangen
                              • Phone number: +49 9131 85-28613
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                              Dr. Florian Niekiel

                              Master student 201-2013
                              PhD student 2014-2017

                              Dr. Ke Ran

                                Scientific Assistant (PostDoc)
                                Manipulation of the electrical and mechanical properties of nanostructures by in situ TEM

                                Tobias Rejek

                                  Graduate research assistant
                                  TEM sample preparation
                                  10 - 12/2012

                                  Lennart Schulze

                                    Hiwi 2016-2017

                                    Philipp Seegerer

                                      Undergraduate research assistant
                                      Area coverage determination by line segmentation (Supervisor: Dr.-Ing. Christian Riess, Stefanie Spallek)
                                      05 - 08/2013

                                      Gerdi Seybold

                                      • Job title: CENEM-Secretary

                                      Dr. Stefanie Spallek

                                        Scientific Assistant
                                        In situ TEM studies of nanoparticles for printable electronics

                                        Martin Stark

                                          Master student
                                          Master thesis: Investigation of accelerated degradation of doped zirconia

                                          Dr. Hana Stará

                                            Scientific assistant
                                            Cryo-Ultramicrotomy and TEM of Polymer Materials
                                            06 - 10/2010

                                            Arshad Mahmood Tahir

                                              Graduate research assistant
                                              TEM sample preparation
                                              05 - 06/2010

                                              Dr. Benito Vieweg

                                                Scientific assistant
                                                New TEM methods for 3d-characterization of thin layers
                                                10/2008 - 04/2012

                                                Dr. Guang Yang

                                                  Akademischer Rat a. Z.
                                                  HRTEM, STEM and EELS
                                                  06/2009 - 01/2011