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Our team is working on advanced microscopic and spectroscopic methods for the analysis of micro- and nanostructural properties of materials at the dimensions bridging macro down to atomic scale. The goal of our work is to facilitate a quantitative understanding of the relationship between fabrication (engineering), structure, and properties of materials. Our research topics span over functional materials, nano-structures, interfaces, and thin film systems.

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The paper “Influence of Au alloying on solid state dewetting kinetics and texture evolution of Ag and Ni thin films” by Martin Dierner, Johannes Will, Michael Landes, Christian Volland, Robert Branscheid, Tobias Zech, Tobias Unruh and Erdmann Spiecker has just been published in the Journal of Surfac...

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Just in time for Advent, the stars arrange themselves in a highly symmetrical pattern. The beautiful picture was actually created using electron diffraction, with the electron beam transmitting through a thin PbS film grown epitaxially on a TiS2 substrate. While the six-fold symmetry of the substr...

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Graphite, a versatile material. On the one hand it is used in daily life as pencil, on the other hand graphene with its remarkable properties can be produced by cleaving graphite. This scanning electron microcopy image shows the beautiful structure of graphite, which consists of only one element, ca...

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