After the last official working day in the university, Petra Rosner, our friend, colleague and technician, is entering her retirement life. Thank you for your dedication to work in FAU, materials science, WW7 and WW9, in particular your pursuit of excellence in TEM sample preparation for the past 40...

Local electrostatic field at sharp field emission tips is key to answer fundamental questions of how the field interacts with these tips. Despite a long history of study, three-dimensional (3D) electrostatic fields at nanometer resolution around sharp tips have not been experimentally quantified. Si...

The PhD defence of Mr. Christian Dolle took place on 19. Dec. 2018. With his impressive work on “Low-voltage and in situ Electron Microscopy of Graphene and its Defects”, he has been awarded the title Dr.-Ing. His thesis work has been focused on the study of defects (line defects and single-molec...

The PhD defence of Mr. Thomas Przybilla took place on 10. Dec. 2018. With his systematic work of “Studying the structure and mechanical properties of nanoporous materials by advanced tomography and in situ mechanical testing”, he has been awarded the title Dr.-Ing. His thesis work has been focuse...

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Our team is working on advanced microscopic and spectroscopic methods for the analysis of micro- and nanostructural properties of materials at the dimensions bridging macro down to atomic scale. The goal of our work is to facilitate a quantitative understanding of the relationship between fabrication (engineering), structure and properties of materials. Our research topics spanning over functional materials, nano-structures, interfaces and thin film systems.  

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Prof. Dr. rer. nat. habil. Erdmann Spiecker

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