Nadine Buchinger won the best poster award during the Materials Science and Engineering Congress (MSE) held between 26 and 28. Sep. 2018 at the Darmstadt University of Technology, with her outstanding contributions to the work of "investigating the 3D-structures of oxide layers of Co-base superalloy...

Dr. Benjamin Apeleo Zubiri have been awarded the Best Oral Presentaion Award during the 19th International Microscopy Congress (IMC19), which took place in Sydney, Australia in the past week of 9-14 September. Congratulations, Benni! In his outstanding presentation "Accessing the 3D micros...

In the 1940s, scientists first explained how Materials can deform plastically by atomic-scale line defects called dislocations. These defects can be understood as tiny carpet folds that can move one part of a material relative to the other without spending a lot of energy. Many technical application...

The PhD defence of Ms. Yolita Maria Eggeler took place on 25. July 2018. With her beautiful work of “Nano- and Microstructural Evolution in Ni- and Co-based Single Crystal Superalloys”, she has been awarded the title Dr.-Ing. Her thesis work is part of the collaborative project "SFB Transregio 10...

On 5 June 2018, the nationwide diversity day 2018 of the Charter of Diversity, the festive award ceremony and the opening day of the student photo contest "Diversity: Call for Photos" 2017/18 of the Office for Gender and Diversity in Erlangen took place. Vice President People Prof. Dr. Friedrich Pau...

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Our team is working on advanced microscopic and spectroscopic methods for the analysis of micro- and nanostructural properties of materials at the dimensions bridging macro down to atomic scale. The goal of our work is to facilitate a quantitative understanding of the relationship between fabrication (engineering), structure and properties of materials. Our research topics spanning over functional materials, nano-structures, interfaces and thin film systems.  

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