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The annual football tournament of the Materials Science Department took place in 31. July. This year, our institute contributed in two teams: the regular boys team representing the institute and the girls team. Both played great games.      Photos by M. Wu

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Erlangen 27.07.2017 – Zeiss Xradia Ultra 810 (nano-CT), a high resolution lab source X-ray microscope, has been installed in Erlangen and successfully passed the acceptance test. The instrument can provide a resolution of 50 nm thanks to its advanced modern X-ray optics. Being a dedicated tomography...

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The annual institute seminar took place in Schönau am Königsee during 19-22. June 2017. During the 4 days, we had intensive and fruitful scientific discussions in the morning sessions and excursions and team-building events in the afternoons to wonderful places in the Königsee area. A highlight of t...

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We celebrate the successful installation of a laster cutter (microPREP) for fast, clean, and efficient preparation of samples for microstructure characterization and failure analysis. It is suitable for preparation of metal, semiconductor, ceramic and compound materials from bulk, and greatly reduce...