Installation of the new Titan Themis³ 300 TEM

Photo of Titan Themis3 300

In October 2014 the installation of the new transmission electron microscope (TEM) FEI Titan Themis³ 300 was finished. Now the staff of IMN is able to perform high quality research using this high-end TEM providing high-resolution imaging as well as high performance analytical investigation capabilities. This double Cs-corrected TEM corrects lens aberrations in both the image and the probe forming side, enabling high-resolution imaging in TEM as well as scanning TEM (STEM) mode resulting in resolution limits below 1 Å for both modes for all high tensions between 60 kV and 300 kV. The high brightness electron gun (X-FEG) equipped with a monochromator to improve the energy resolution in combination with a high-sensitivity SDD X-ray spectrometer (Super-X) and a high-resolution post-column energy filter (GIF Quantum) creates a high performance analytical instrument perfectly suited for the nanoanalytical characterization of a variety of materials and devices. The FEI Titan Themis³ 300 was installed as an upgrade of the previous FEI Titan³ 80–300 TEM to improve the electron microscopical performance and investigation capabilities of IMN.