High precision local temperature measured using electron diffraction

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Local temperature measurement using parallel beam electron diffraction with nanoparticles

Research article “Local temperature measurement in TEM by parallel beam electron diffraction” by Florian Niekiel, Simon M. Kraschewski, Julian Müller, Benjamin Butz, and Erdmann Spiecker, has been accepted for publication in the journal Ultramicroscopy.

In this work the applicability of parallel beam electron diffraction to locally measure and monitor the sample temperature in TEM is assessed, with applications for in-situ heating experiments in mind. With Au nanoparticles applied to the sample surface, temperature is measured in the range from RT to 890 °C by evaluating the change in scattering angle upon thermal expansion. Repeated measurements at constant temperature reveal a statistical precision of the method as good as 2.8 K. The applicability to locally measure the temperature is demonstrated mapping the temperature gradient across a heating chip.

The paper is included in the special issue “PICO 2017”, and will be presented at “The 4th conference on Frontiers of Aberration Corrected Electron Microscopy – PICO 2017”, which will be held from 30 April to 4 May 2017 in Kasteel Vaalsbroek.