Low Energy Nano Diffraction (LEND) published in Ultramicroscopy

The paper “A versatile diffraction technique in SEM” by Peter Schweizer, Peter Denninger, Christian Dolle and Erdmann Spiecker is recently published in Ultramicroscopy.

This work demonstrates a novel setup for transmission diffraction in scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and its applications. Using the technique, it is possible to gain TEM-like diffraction capabilities in virtually any SEM. Besides demonstrating the basic principle and advantages of the technique, the paper also details broadly how it can be applied in materials science. Furthermore, advanced techniques such as 4D-STEM are demonstrated and unique benefits of low voltages are discussed.

This work also shows the great integration of students into the scientific work at the chair, as the technical implementation of the LEND setup was done within the framework of the Master’s Thesis by Peter Denninger.