Complex Nanomorphology of Ternary OSC revealed by Multimodal Analytical TEM

EFTEM reveals nano-morphology of ternary organic solar cell

The paper “Unraveling the Complex Nanomorphology of Ternary Organic Solar Cells with Multimodal Analytical Transmission Electron Microscopy” by Dr. Stefanie Rechberger and colleagues has recently been published in Solar RRL. In this paper, the successful discrimination and spatial mapping of the active layer components of a ternary organic solar cell are demonstrated using analytical transmission electron microscopy. The material distribution of all three organic components is successfully visualized by multimodal imaging using complementary electron energy loss signals.

Elucidating the complex materials distribution in the active layers of ternary organic solar cells is one of the greatest challenges in the field of organic photovoltaics. Knowledge of the nanomorphology is key to understanding photophysical processes and thus improving the device performance. With the demonstrated method, a complete picture of the morphological aspects can be gained by studying the lateral and cross-sectional morphology as well as the morphology evolution as a function of the mixing ratio of the polymers. Moreover, a correlation between the morphology, photophysical processes, and device performance of the ternary and t he reference binary system is achieved, explaining the differences of the power conversion efficiency between the two systems.

Congratulations Stefanie!