User access to our new TEM TFS Spectra 200

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We are proud to announce that our new transmission electron microscope (TEM) Thermo Fisher Scientific (TFS) Spectra 200 is now open for user access within the user facility of CENEM.
The state-of-the-art TFS Spectra 200 provides high-resolution imaging (probe-corrector for STEM imaging) down to the atomic scale as well as high-performance analytical investigation capabilities (EDXS and EELS). For a detailed description and the specifications of our new TEM we would like to refer to the TEM section.

The user access, the regulations of the Electron Microscopy User Facility, the access to the microscope as well as the expenses for the users (training and usage fees) are defined in the users‘ regulations.

The requirements for getting trained and becoming an operator of TFS Spectra 200 are:
– appropriate experience with conventional TEM (CM30, CM200 or similar)
– appropriate need of Spectra capabilities for planned microscopic work
– planned regular usage of TFS Spectra 200 for a minimum of 1 year
– coverage of costs guaranteed by user or supervisor

Participation in the lectures TEM 1 (winter semester) and TEM 2 (summer semester) are highly recommended.

Please contact Stefanie Rechberger, if you are interested in becoming a user of TFS Spectra 200.