Kick-off meeting between IMN and OICE

A kick-off meeting between CENEM/IMN and OICE (Optical Imaging Center Erlangen) was held in a relaxed atmosphere in late afternoon 28 of May. Head of respective institute, Prof. Spiecker and Dr. Palmisano gave short introduction to each institute. While sharing the same floor in the new IZNF building, we also share the common tools and interest in research — microscopy — (mainly) electron microscopy for CENEM/IMN and optical microscopy for OICE. Dr. Palmisano also proudly introduced the new tool for 3D/4D data visualization, which was developed by Dr. Benjamin Schmid and colleagues in OICE and collaborators, and is recently publish in Nature Methods.

During this event, colleagues got warmed up. There is quite a lot we can learn from each other. We hope to have more inactions and even collaboration for both groups in the further.

Dr. R. Palmisano introducing OICE